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Thank you ShadeMater. I am a solicitor, and have contacted many Sail Shade companies and got quotes from all of them, and I chose ShadeMaster, because I felt I could rely on them to build and install a quality Sail Shade that is also water proof. When originally, Igor, from ShadeMaster came to give me the quote, I found him and the owner of ShadeMaster, David, who would consent to the quote Igor has for me, I found them very patient with me, because after they did all the calculations for the shade that I originally wanted, I changed my mind to a different type of shade, and even then after all of the calculations were made I changed my mind about the shade again, and so it went on for the next few days, me changing my mind, until I finally definitely stayed with that last shade measurements and materials. I found they wanted me to be happy no matter how much trouble I caused them. Even later, I kept changing my mind with the Project Manager, Leonard, yet he agreed to do the changes, no problem. What really impressed me is the quality of the work. I had seen shades in many places, when I travel by car, and in other websites, what I got was the best of the best, nothing missing and very professional, and I got that when the poor tradesmen of ShadeMaster, in order to keep their promise of completing of all the work on time, had worked through the night till 4.00 am in the morning, and had returned the next day, at 7.30 am to finish the work by 9.00 am, in time for my BBQ party. It was tops in every respect, in quality, in professionalism, and the way I was treated by all of them, that is, I felt I was dealing with real human beings whose only objective is to look after me by giving me their very best. When later on that day, my guests arrived at my BBQ party, they were impressed, and even my father, a builder, who had built many high quality blocks of units, and who is too happy to criticize me, this time, he too was impressed, his critical eyes could not find any fault with the workmanship and the quality of the materials used, and when I told him how much it cost, he was surprised and said to me: “Only?”. This is the first time my father did not criticize me for over spending. It is the quality of the work, that counts, and I got quality. This quality comes because ShadeMaster, has a team, where each groups of workers specialize in part of the work, and most of the work is done in house, where they can control the quality of workmanship, they do not rely on outsourcing it to another company where potentially they lose control of the quality. You can trust ShadeMaster to take care of you, I did, and they delivered above all my expectations.

- Sami

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