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Shade Structures

Shade Master r is an Australian firm known for its quality and exquisite shade structures for both commercial and residential uses. We have earned the reputation of providing top of the line shade sails, umbrellas, and awnings, giving customers maximum protection from harsh elements and ultra violet rays. We are your one-stop shop service provider geared at providing architectural solutions to home, commercial and industrial users. We have mastered the art of shade making and our products are found in many schools, sports facilities, hotels, playgrounds, homes for the aged, hospitals, public parks and residences. We can also customise shades to suit your preferences.

Why Shade Structures are Important

Shade structures are in demand today because of its numerous uses. Its thickness can protect the skin from the harmful effect of ultra violet rays. They are ideal covering against the western sun, which can be damaging to the skin during summer months. Here are the uses of shade structures:

  • Canopies are ideal for BBQ, and outdoor parties, picnics and summer fun.
  • Awnings are installed to protect the building structure from rain and UV rays.
  • Blinds protect the home from harsh Australian climactic changes.
  • Shade sails are ideal for outdoor activities.
  • They are used in car parks, entryways, swimming pools, decks, patios, and schools.

Shade structures from Shade Master are known for their enduring quality, unique designs and spectacular colours that give optimum aesthetic and practical solution to domestic, commercial, and community needs. They are energy efficient and made of eco friendly materials giving the best value of customer’s money. These products are made to improve the quality of life to its thousands of customers.

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Shade Master builds shade structures to suit your lifestyle and personal needs. For your architectural and aesthetic needs, call us today for more enquiries. Our friendly staff is ready to provide you assistance any time of the day. Shop with us for free quick delivery and installation.

Why should you invest in a backyard shade structure?

Kids love to stay outdoors, especially during their holidays. Outdoor activities boost their physical strength and give them a vital break from their regular studies. Doctors these days recommend parents to encourage their children to play outdoors at least for 30 minutes every day. Most parents however, bother a lot about allowing them to play outdoors, especially during summers. Exposure to the ultraviolet rays remains their main concern. We at 1800shademaster, a leading provider of shade structures Sydney have a practical solution to this problem. By installing a proper playground shade structure, you will be able to let your child have fun in the sun without bothering about the UV exposure.

If you have created a small playground in your backyard but do not allow your child to play during the afternoon, why not install a shade structure there? We have a wide collection of shade structures Sydney that will protect your child from the harmful UV rays while allowing him to have as much outdoor fun as he wants. Don’t worry about the looks of your backyard or house as our backyard shades are available in various attractive designs to suit your home’s need. We can also custom design the shade structures if our already available options aren’t suitable for you.

While protecting your child from UV rays is a big reason why you must install a shade structure in your backyard, this is not the only reason why you must do this investment. Play equipments such as swings and slides are often made of metals or have some major metallic portion. Sunlight will heat up these metal surfaces more easily than the plastic ones. Even before you could realize, the metallic surfaces may get overheated and may cause injuries to your child. Further direct sunlight will damage the plastic quickly and decrease its longevity. Even the best quality plastic will not be able to tolerate the scorching heat of the sun and will break down before it actually should. Your child’s play equipments are quite expensive. Moreover, both you and your child are emotionally attached to them and wouldn’t want to let them get damaged. We at 1800shademaster, a one stop shop to buy all forms of shade structures Sydney, therefore, strongly recommend you to install shade structures in your backyard to keep your kids and your play equipments safe.

1800shademaster is one of the few provider of shade structures Sydney who offer you Certegy Ezi-Pay plan so that you don’t find it financially difficult to invest in a shade structure for your backyard. For details, contact us at 1800 742 336.

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