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Shade Sails Sydney

With a reputation solidly based on quality, client satisfaction and unbroken records of success, Shade Master is a leading manufacturer and installer of Shades. We boast a client base of more than 20 corporate clients and an endless list of individual clients. Our workmanship is well known for its timely and superb work that leaves a lasting impression. The materials we use for making shade sails speak for themselves.  In our years of experience we have perfected our choices of materials to better suit your preferences. We listen to our clients and offer them the best advice, as we walk along the path towards installing the best shade sails for you.

Hiring Our Experts

Your will not only enjoy the prestige of having the best shades in town, but also for having the best experts do it for you.   Shade sails offer the perfect protection against dangerous UV rays, protecting the skin of your whole family out on the playground or cooling off in the pool in the hottest of days. They also have a unique ventilation quality, thanks to their permeable materials that allows air circulation.  Our shade sails come in a range of colours, to the advantage of our clients taste. They are also easy to install and remove and are very cost effective.

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Shade Master has the best offers for shade sails.  Clients with a strong value for quality products turn to us all the time. Contact us for all your shade sail requirements. We have a dedicated team that is ready to assist you in achieving the exact impression you would like your shade sails to give to your visitors.  Our work is guaranteed to be worth your time and money. We are fast and reliable, swinging to action immediately once you give us a go ahead. Our flexibility has enabled us to be the best in the market for a long time.

Three major factors that you must consider while choosing a shade sail for your house

Over the years, the popularity of shade sails Sydney has increased tremendously. Increasing number of people these days are considering them to protect the exposed areas of their homes so that they can enjoy being outdoors without bothering about UV rays, heat, sunlight, bird dropping, and even rain. Apart from patio and backyards, shade sails are also used in parking spaces, playgrounds, boats, swimming pools, etc. They are a stylish alternative to the conventional awnings and are available in various colors and designs to enhance the look of your outdoors.

Due to the increasing popularity of shade sails Sydney, the options have also increased, thereby making it difficult for people to choose the right one for their home. 1800shademaster, your one stop shop to find good quality shade sails Sydney suggests you to stay away from the cheaper varieties that don’t last more than a year and in many cases, more than a season. Even if good quality products cost you a little more, it will be money well spent. Here is how you can choose a good quality shade sail Sydney for your home.

Check out the cloth of the shade sail

Shade sails have three components; the cloth, the border, and the fixings. All three have to be of good quality so that the shade sail lasts for years. Unless you deal with cloths or have got a good knowledge of cloths, you may not be able to determine the quality and durability of the product you choose. 1800shademaster suggests you to choose shade sails that are made of thick fabric so that they can bear the tension and withstand the weather.

The border should be thick and stitched properly

We at 1800shademaster urge you to stay away from the shade sails that have flimsy border that is very narrow and has just one or two rows of stitching. Such sails will not last longer and will tear soon. Borders are very important part of the sails. They protect the fabric from the winds and therefore, should be broad and must be stitched well. We are one of the renowned providers of shade sails Sydney that offer sails having thick boundary that is stitched like webbing.

Fixings should be strong and preferably rust-free

Fixings will hold the sail tight and keep it straight and therefore, you must choose shade sails that have think and strong fixtures. We also suggest you to choose fixtures that are made of stainless steel so that they don’t rust.

We hope this information helps you choose a good quality shade sail for your home. For more information on shade sail Sydney pricing and designs, call us at 1800 742 336.

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