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Custom Shade Sails

Shade sails are increasing in popularity every year we have noticed.

Being that they are so customised, ascetically pleasing and offer many different designs, we believe are the reasons they are only getting more popular.

If you have been thinking about shade solutions this is a great one.

Let us give you a few design options and ideas so please drop us a line to have a chat.

Shade Sails: All You Need to Know!

Do you enjoy sitting and chatting in your garden? Do you enjoy the breezy environment outdoors but the scorching heat of the bright summer sun forces you to stay inside? 1800shademaster has a practical and economical solution for you- install a shade sail!

What Is a Shade Sail?

A shade sail, also called a sail shade, is a custom fabric structure that makes a place cool and shady during the day hours. Essentially, shade sails are semi- or non-permanent structures made of a fabric that is manufactured especially to provide protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays.


The high density, especially knitted UV resistant fabric is held up by fixings on poles or attached to a building or a suitable structural part of the house that can hold the sail in place. Shade sails can be installed in a horizontal or angled manner, depending on their purpose and locations at which they need to be installed. The sunshade fabric comes with quick release snap hooks at its each end, allowing you to remove it easily from cabinets when not required.

Colour, Quality, and Size

The sunshade fabric comes in a variety of shapes, colours, and density. All shade sails can be customized to your specific needs and designed in accordance to your environment. When it comes to the shape of a shade sail, it usually comes in square, rectangular, triangular or hexagonal shape. Although the fabric is available in both dark and light colours, we recommend darker colours, as they create more shade and a cooler environment whilst protecting you from the sun and its dangerous UV rays.


The biggest advantage of the shade sails is that they offer the most effective protection against the heat, sunlight, and rain. As the name suggests, a shade sail makes your outside area a shady place where you can enjoy any activity without worrying about the heat and sunlight. It enhances the beauty of your backyard, garden, porch, and terrace and make them a pleasant place for relaxation. The shade sails can be used in parks and school playgrounds to protect children from the sun. Today, they are often seen in different commercial or industrial areas, as well as sport complexes shading their open areas. Shade sails can be unclipped during winter.

Things to Remember

Most sail failures start at a corner, so opt for a fabric that has the extra strong webbing around its perimeter. The thicker the sail shade cloth, the more it can absorb the heat and sunlight. Install your shade sail at a steeper angle to encourage rain water runoff.

For more sail shade design options and ideas, call us at 02 8974 7701.

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