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Certegy Payment Plan

Certegy Ezi-Pay is a leading provider of retail No Interest Ever! and lay-by products through a diverse network of merchants. Operating since 1989 and part of the ASX listed FlexiGroup Limited. Certegy Ezi-Pay offers a No Interest Ever! continuing credit direct debit payment plan called Certegy Ezi-Pay Express and a revolutionary lay-by payment plan called Certegy Lay-Buy Express.

Certegy Ezi-Pay Express is a No Interest Ever! continuing credit retail payment plan for consumers to make purchases across a wide variety of retail and home improvement businesses across Australia. Hundreds of thousands of Australian’s have enjoyed the benefits of Certegy Ezi-Pay as the preferred method of financing through many of Australia’s leading brands in retail and manufacturing. Merchants in Jewellery, Home Improvement, Fitness, Furniture, Medical, Automotive and Solar, use the Certegy Ezi-Pay service to facilitate over 130,000 sales per year.

Certegy Lay-Buy Express which was launched in 2011 provides all the traditional features of lay-by plus the self management of payments and online tracking of payment history. This service also removes the administration costs from the retailer.

Certegy Ezi-Pay remains one of Australia’s leading cheque warranty companies. Certegy’s cheque service allows retailers and businesses to accept cheques comforted by the surety that if the cheque defaults you will be covered by Certegy’s warranty.

Certegy’s core value proposition is to continually provide products and services that are consumer friendly while supporting sustainable sales volumes for merchant partners. This is achieved by charging No Interest Ever! to consumers, providing a simple yet extremely effective application and approval process for merchants across Australia and supporting joint promotional programs alerting consumers of promotions, special events and discounted offers throughout the year.

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